Application of Vulcanization Accelerators in Polymers

Why should vulcanization accelerators be used?

After more than 100 years of development, the world rubber industry has become an important traditional industry in many developed countries. However, rubber products cannot withstand extreme high and low temperatures, which causes them to become fragile and susceptible to degradation during seasonal changes. American inventors discovered that removing sulfur from rubber and then heating it would allow the rubber to retain its elasticity and harden. This process is known as vulcanization. Vulcanization accelerators act as special compounds that minimize the degradation of rubber and speed up the vulcanization process, thereby improving the mechanical properties of rubber (e.g., strength, elasticity, hardness, abrasion resistance). It can be said that the use of vulcanization accelerator has opened a new door for the rapid development of rubber products.


The main market sectors for vulcanization accelerators are the automotive and transportation industries. Other applications include medical products and so on.

Tire manufacturing

Manufacturing of tires is rapidly increasing with increasing automotive sales and aftermarket activities. Vulcanization accelerators are widely used in tire manufacturing for speeding up processes and to enhance tire properties. Also, vulcanization accelerators positively affect the operating rate, by increasing the rate of reaction. Thus, growing tire consumption is boosting the growth of the vulcanization accelerators market.

Tire manufacturing

Medical products manufacturing

Increasing applications of vulcanization accelerators in the manufacturing of healthcare products (i.e., gloves, prostheses) are expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period. Also, increased cardiac disorders, pediatrics, and requirement in critical lifesaving procedures is propelling the demand for medical grade rubber products. All these factors broaden the prospects of vulcanization accelerators in the field of medical products.

Medical products manufacturing

What can we do?

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