Mould Inhibitor

Mould Inhibitor

Polymer materials may change color and even produce mycelium due to the action of microorganisms, especially moulds. This inevitably leads to degradation of the performance of the polymer. In addition, the mould will also bring environmental health hazards. Mould inhibitor as a class of polymer material additives have been widely used in many industrial fields. It can kill or prevent the growth of bacteria, mould, and other microorganisms. Therefore, mould inhibitors have the ability to protect polymer materials from the attack of microorganisms.

Classification of mould inhibitors

According to the origin of mould inhibitors, we can divide them into two main categories.

  • Biologically based mould inhibitors: Contain living microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) that are antagonistic to the pathogens that cause turf disease.
  • Chemically based mould inhibitors: Synthesized from organic and inorganic chemicals, most of the mould inhibitors that are sold throughout the world are chemically-based.

The toxic effect of mould inhibitors on mould

Moulds are distributed in soil, air, water, plant/animal bodies, almost everywhere. The conditions for mould growth and reproduction are easy to achieve. Mould inhibitors can be said to be the "natural enemy" of mould. The toxic effect of mould inhibitors on mould includes the following ways:

> Elimination or inhibition of the activity of various metabolic enzymes in mould fungi cells.
> Reacting with the amino or sulfhydryl groups of enzyme proteins to inhibit or destroy their functions.
> Inhibition of RNA synthesis during spore germination, thus preventing spore germination.
> Accelerated promotion of phosphate oxidation-reduction system to disrupt cellular functions.
> Disruption of the energy release system in mould fungi cells.
> Inhibition of electron transfer system and transaminase system.

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